We're Making Room For Play This Winter And We Want To Help You Too!

Did you know research points to a direct correlation between play and stress reduction? We want to play and reduce stress with you this winter! We're looking to partner with YOU to do a play pop-up! Check out the play pop-up micro grant opportunity here, thanks to support from the Remake Learning Network's Great RemakeAnyone can apply, so don't miss out on this play pop-up opportunity!

Friday December 14th is the application deadline for our Play for Change grant (open to attendees at our UnConference: Play for Change) and we'll be sharing information about the grant recipients and their projects over the next six months, so stay tuned!

We have many exciting announcements coming up in the new year, so don't forget to stay connected to us through this newsletter, our website, our social media accounts and the Recess Advocacy Team newsletter too!

Yours in play,
The Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative

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Playful Spotlight

Each month we spotlight one of our wonderful partners and the work they do through audio collected and edited by SLB Radio. This month we share audio from area kids!

The Importance of Play - Click the link to hear kids from the Pittsburgh region talking about the importance of play to their learning and development.

“Play keeps us vital and alive. It gives us an enthusiasm for life that is irreplaceable. Without it, life just doesn’t taste good”— Lucia Capocchione